Black Jeans As Dress Pants

Wearing black jeans as dress pants is an ultimate casual fashion statement. It can easily turn any casual event into a classy one with just a few minor adjustments. You can have fun with these fashion ideas. They can be used by both men and women and can be a part of every wardrobe. Here are a few tips to make you black jeans outfit stylish.

You can always wear black jeans with matching shirt in other shades of gray, blue, green and white. Lightweight black jeans can also be worn along with a light-colored blazer in almost any shades of gray. To jazz up your black Jean outfit for more formal occasions bring along a blazer or a simple jacket in your basic color. For great business casual looks you can pair your Jean with a pinstriped shirt in other light shades of grey. For a smart look to pair your dark jean with a simple pin stripe shirt and a simple belt.

If you are thinking of going out with friends to a club then it would be a great idea to wear your favorite shade of black jeans. You can even match a dark denim skirt with your leather pants. These jeans can be accompanied with light-colored blouses in blue, red, pink, purple or green. To make you go out with style put on your hairdo with these ideas. A simple bandeau hair style in your favorite shade of blue will surely look good on you.

Leather dress shoes or pair of chinos can complete your formal ensemble for a night. The right pair of leather trousers can also add elegance to your look. If you are going out to dinner with a date or a party always consider bringing along your favorite pair of trousers.

If you have more important things to attend to other than your dates then it’s probably time to think of dressing up with the right dress pants. Your dress slacks should be in a darker shade of color so that they don’t show dirt and stain to your shoes. Your slacks must be knee-length or even mid-length so that you can easily roll up your sleeves. If you are into sporty stuff you can opt for sports shoes or sandals instead of flat slacks. In addition to adding elegance to your look choose a pair of classic black dress slacks which can be worn for both work and leisure.

For work-like occasions pairing your jeans with a white button down shirt is a great look. If you want to look like a total professional then team your shirt with a blouse. A button down shirt and a vest is a complete business casual outfit. Black pants are also an all-in-one piece of attire and can be dressed up with a casual white shirt for a very elegant look.

If you are looking for a very casual look, then pairing your black jeans with a stylish blazer can provide just the right option. Remember that pairing a blazer with your basic black jeans is not a good idea. A blazer can give you a more tailored or dressy look. So if you are planning to wear a blazer with your black jeans, make sure that the blazer compliments the jean color. If you want to add a bit of texture to your look, opt for a blazer, which comes with an oversized collar or which has brocade, silk or other rich fabrics as embellishment.

Choosing the right accessories can put together the perfect look for any occasion. The right shoes can complete your whole outfit while dress shoes can always complete the casual look. For women, ankle boots are a great option while for men a dress shoe can be teamed with the blazer for an entirely smart look. As mentioned earlier, a good rule of thumb would be to put together the best combination of accessories, footwear, clothing and footwear for each outfit that you wear.