Fashion Designing – Who is the Mother of Fashion?

Who is the mother of fashion? This question has been on everyone’s lips since the beginning of fashion. Fashion designers have been asked this question over again and each time they give the same answer. Mother of fashion is a play on words for the woman of power. She is the fashion designer that gives birth to the fashion design.

The fashion industry works under strict deadlines and strict schedules and everyone knows that a new fashion design will not be accepted or displayed in a fashion show if it does not meet the required time slot. There is no such thing as a fashion design mother; it is the mother of all fashion designers. Some designers have several children who are learning and growing up in the fashion design industry. Their mother plays an equally important role as theirs.

Women designers work closely with fashion consultants who can give advice on what to design and how to design a particular piece of clothing. A fashion designer is also responsible for finding the right wholesaler and getting their products to the clients. When it comes to fashion designing, the mother of fashion is the fashion consultant.

Who is the mother of fashion? Well, there is no one person that is the mother of fashion design but two people that come to my mind immediately. One is the fashion designer. The other is the fashion buyer. They play an equally important role in fashion designing.

The fashion designer is the visionary behind all the designing of clothes. He first chooses the theme for the design. Then he meets with his fashion consultants who give him the direction he desires. Once he has decided on what he wants to make, he contacts a wholesaler. The wholesaler will supply the materials and the designer will be the one who puts it all together into a finished product.

So who is the mother of fashion? Actually, the woman who designs a particular fashion is called the fashion designer’s mother. This may sound odd, but when you really stop and think about it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

You see, fashion designing started way back before fashion was even in its infancy. Fashion was the art of creating everyday items that would be adored by the masses. Thus, the fashion designer had to create everyday items using the most basic of materials. Thus, her name, mother of fashion, was born.

Fashion designers as well as fashion buyers will attend fashion shows. At these fashion shows, they show off their latest creations. The ones who are attending these fashion shows will ask questions and try to get a good understanding of fashion design. They will want to learn more so they can come up with more brilliant ideas. Thus, fashion designing has always been in the family. Fashion designers are just as at home in the fashion designing family as mothers are in the rest of the family.

If you have a question whether mother and daughter are related or not, the answer is absolutely NO. But you may be surprised to know that fashion designers and their wives have a lot in common. They all have children who are interested in fashion design and all love to stay updated with the latest trends. So if you ever want to become a fashion designer, there’s nothing stopping you.

If fashion designing piques your interest, look into an accredited fashion school first. You don’t need to enroll in a top school to get a degree in fashion designing. There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer degrees in fashion designing. If fashion designing interests you, the best thing to do is go to a college nearby your home and get in some extra classes. It will be really helpful for you to expand your knowledge base and learn the fashion world that is beyond your normal scope of experience.

Once you are done with fashion school, you can look into smaller courses that will teach you more about fashion design. You can attend lectures and study in the library but don’t forget to bring your mother with you so you can still have somebody to call if you run into any problems while on fashion design classes. Most importantly, keep yourself updated with the latest news and fashion trends. You can become overwhelmed at times with fashion happenings around the world. And if you still want to become a fashion designer, don’t forget that mother and daughter are very close to you.

Don’t let fashion designing become a dead end job for you. You have the talent and the drive to become a successful fashion designer. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll walk on the red carpet at the premiers and be lavished with limelight. It all starts with you, so make sure you keep up your fashion design lessons and don’t give up.