How Do I Know My Fashion Style?

How do I know my fashion style? What does it mean? How do I get that perfect look that I am after? There are several questions regarding one’s fashion style. It can be defined as an individual’s personal sense of style, where they feel most comfortable, in keeping with the times or preferences.

Fashion has become a very popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and place and at a certain context, particularly in clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, body proportions, makeup, and lifestyle. The clothes that are worn also play a big role in determining one’s style. This is especially true for women. Fashion conscious women tend to stick to a specific fashion style.

One’s clothing is an important way of expressing oneself. Aside from the clothes’ design and style, there are also other factors that will greatly affect one’s perception of one’s fashion sense, such as one’s dressing taste and the effect that the clothes have on one’s personality. One can choose to express their fashion sense through the clothes that they wear, or the way that they dress, or even both.

The clothes we wear are our first clues of how we feel and what we want to be like. For some, they would rather be dressed casually with jeans and a t-shirt, while for others, they would prefer to dress formally with suits and blazers. And then there are those who would opt for a more colorful and outrageous fashion style. Women, who are bold and fashion forward, will tend to go for bold colors, graphic tees, interesting dresses, and so on. Men on the other hand, may tend to stick to basic colors, solid-colored shirts, jackets, shorts, and jeans. There are also those who are a mix between the two, which may be flamboyant in one fashion style, but conservative in another.

This gives us ladies an idea of how casual and chic, we should be when wearing clothes. If you are a lady who wants to be a little bold, you should try to dress casually and stylishly. Wear clothes that you find elegant, classy, yet unconventional. Graphic tees and denim skirts in different shades and hues can be a great choice for a chic, casual style of dressing.

Guys, on the other hand, will have more choices when it comes to fashion styles. It doesn’t mean that you need to be dressed like a hip-hop star or a rocker. On the contrary, a good dressing style for men should still be kept simple and conservative. Black jeans, a plain shirt, leather jackets, and other Gothic fashion staples can be perfect for this kind of guy. Dark colors are always safe when it comes to Gothic clothing.

For women, there are more fashion styles to choose from. Simple dresses with colors that are darker or lighter than your usual color scheme will suit almost any woman. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up or down, a simple black dress or a pink gown can be appropriate. A lot of women who don’t want to conform to the traditional style are able to wear bolder colors and styles. Bright red lipstick, bold and huge sunglasses, and so on can all be a great choice.

With that said, a lot of people tend to forget that there is actually an actual time when they have to take the risk of looking like a fashionista. A simple trip to the local mall and grabbing some graphic tees and sweat pants are not the time to go out and look like a fashion star. On the other hand, dressing casually with the right clothes is the best way to keep a conservative style while having a fun time expressing yourself through clothes. This also applies for men, who should at least wear the right clothes if they want to make a statement while not looking like one.