How Do You Analyze Fashion Trends?

Fashion designers are always on the lookout for fresh, trendy fashion ideas. If you’re a fashion designer, you must understand that as soon as one fashion concept hits the market it becomes the number one trend. People begin to see patterns and styles everywhere they look. Whether you work for a top retail fashion company or work freelance as a designer/consultant, if you want to create new and exciting fashion concepts, you need a solid understanding of the latest fashion trends.

Fashion has always been about looking good and feeling trendy. And in these turbulent times, fashion is more about looking chic, stylish, trendy, and being comfortable in your stylish clothes. And today, fashion trends are evolving at a rapid pace-artificial intelligence algorithms that crunch numbers, robots which cut and sew fabric, and VR mini-mirrors in ready-made clothing. Plus, you have a myriad of fashion magazines and websites which not only continuously inform us of upcoming fashion trends but also give us inspiration by highlighting the best pieces of apparel.

The following are predictions of what will be the fashion trends for next year. First on the list is the leopard print. Leopard prints are extremely popular with both men and women, whether casual or formal. They make great layering pieces, from coats to hats, polos to pants. They are classic, sleek, and timeless, which makes them a flattering style for both formal and casual wear.

Another hot fashion trend predicted for this coming year is pants. Recent fashion trends have seen designers create elegant, but practical pant designs. The goal with these kinds of pants is to provide the basic needs of the wearer while adding a stylish and trendy flair. For instance, designers are designing pants with pockets to hold a few important items like makeup, a phone, wallet, pens, or money. They are also creating trendy t-shirts with unique graphic tees.

A third major fashion trend expected for this year is eco-friendly clothing. This includes eco-friendly dresses, shirts, pants, blouses, etc., all made from organic cotton. Eco-friendly fashion is slowly becoming more popular as it’s becoming clearer how much damage we are doing to the environment if we continue to use non-renewable sources of materials. With so many natural resources being used today, designers are taking the bold step of producing eco-friendly products, showing that even fashion is beginning to move away from harmful materials.

One of the main fashion trends expected for this coming season is wearable fabrics. In previous years, designers had mostly chosen dresses that had simple fabrics, such as chiffon or nylon. However, this year they are paying attention to textures, patterns, colors, dyes, and materials in order to provide fashion buyers with an ever-changing selection. In addition to new fabrics being worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike, new techniques for cutting, weaving, seaming, dying, and pressing are also being used in order to create more trendy and unique designs.

The next big fashion trend expected for 2021 is wearable technology. Nowadays, manufacturers of clothes are using fabrics such as nanotechnology to enhance the feel and quality of clothes. For instance, clothes can be made out of breathable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, such as cotton and polyester. These fabrics are especially useful for those who suffer from asthma because they help regulate the level of air circulation in the clothes and therefore prevent the development of dust mites. Other advances in the clothing industry include integrating batteries into clothes so that they don’t need to be recharged every time you wear them.

Finally, consumers are going gaga over the colors they choose to wear this season. Fashion designers have found that the bright colors of the spring and summer months are very appealing for both men and women. However, it isn’t just about the colors; it’s also about the style, cut, fabric, and pattern. Although consumers absolutely love bright colors, they are also getting tired of wearing the same-colored clothes year after year. By identifying market intelligence, fashion designers will be able to use colors in different ways to create unique clothing options that suit the personality of each individual consumer.