How Do You Properly Dress For Winter Weather?

How do you properly dress for the season? First off if it’s fall or winter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. If it’s fall and winter do you have thin layered coats on or do you wear one long coat? If it’s winter and it’s cold, do you layer your pants with a sweater or a scarf? Do you wear gloves or boots?

First of all let’s talk about layering. You can have a warm outer layer and in the winter top that you can slip over your shirt and trousers. This is perfect for the cold winter weather. If you don’t have any layers underneath this is a good way to get yourself a few little brown zits.

The only problem with this approach is that you are wearing a lot of clothes to keep up with the layers and that means you’re not getting any ventilation. Your body will end up feeling hot, even though you’re wearing a sweater or a few layers of clothing to keep you warm. This is why many people tend to skip the step of properly dressing for winter weather running. They skip the layering part until their body gets too hot and they can’t keep themselves warm enough.

How about dressing for spring and summer? In spring and summer, how do you dress for winter? Well, first of all the weather will be warmer so there are no layers to keep you warm. Also, there are less layers to take off because the days are shorter and the nights are longer so you can get more air circulation.

So how do you properly dress for spring and summer? This is pretty simple actually. For fall and winter you will want to get a pair of shorts and a tee shirt to wear around your house. You’ll probably want some sandals or flip flops to wear in the yard as well.

Spring and summer usually mean a change of your bed linen. You don’t want to wear the same old bed linen in these seasons. You should change it out every two months or so and get new ones that are made for the season. A good example of this is cotton blend pillow covers that you lay on the bed instead of wool or silk.

Now that you have your bed linen and you feel comfortable you can think about what you’d like your rest of your outfit to look like. Some ideas are comforters and pillows or even duvets. Comforters can give you extra warmth without adding bulk to your bed so they are a good choice during the colder times of the year. Pillows and duvets can help protect you from the cold, so you might want to add some pillows to the bottom of your bed during the winter. Duvet covers can keep you warm too and are pretty and colorful so it’s easy to match your pillows, duvet or comforter to the room.

You should always take care of your bedding. Cotton/polyester blends will last a lot longer than silk and wool blends. If you clean your comforter’s regularly they will last you a very long time. Your pillows, blankets and duvet covers will only need a vacuum or a wash with mild detergent every other month or so. If you pay attention to how you dress you can keep your comforter’s looking great for years to come.

Your bedding is only as good as the clothes and other items you use around your bed and those are most easily changed in the spring. Your cushions will also wear out a little more quickly. Spring means you’ll want to change your duvet covers and pillows more often. Spring is a time of new life, new flowers and new things that bring a brighter and fresher outlook to everything.

Spring also means having plenty of fresh flowers. Many people love the fresh smell of flowers and it adds to the elegance of your bedroom. But if you’re not getting enough air circulation in your room with all the pillows and bedding then it will contribute to mold and mildew. The less air you have in your bedroom the worse your smelling problems will get. A good air purifier can be a very big help in keeping your bedroom smelling fresh.

And for extra warmth, why not try to stock up on some wool or thermal fabrics. Wool is especially good because it doesn’t get sticky and damp like the fabric materials of your duvet, sheets and pillow cases. These fabrics are great because they are warm and keep your body heat in during the winter. Keeping your body warm is a great way to stay warm and feel comfortable. A pair of thermal compression garments would be perfect to wear during the colder times of the winter season.