Is Burberry Better Than Lu Vuitton?

The question of course is, “Is Burberry Better Than LV?”. To answer this question we need to ask ourselves how fashion relates to fashion. For instance, you would never say that Louis Vuitton is better than Burberry because they both manufacture men’s clothing, but if one company made women’s clothes then they would be seen as the superior choice. It is not the design of the clothes that make them superior, but rather the fact that one company caters mainly to women.

In many ways fashion design can be seen to relate to women’s fashion, because fashion is what most women look for in fashion. It also follows that fashion designs are what most women want to look like. So, we can use fashion design to get an idea of what women’s fashion is looking for. But is Burberry better than LV? To answer this question we need to take into consideration several factors.

Firstly, does the fashion brand make a fashion statement? LV and Burberry are both big on fashion and designer labels. However, their differences in attitude makes them very different. Burberry is traditionally more of an edgy fashion brand. This makes it different from LV, which is more traditional and is known for fashion house products.

Burberry is traditionally more of a fashion brand that caters to the high-end consumer. It would not make sense to buy a bag from a designer fashion house when you can buy a cheaper bag at a cheaper price somewhere else. If you were to shop online you would probably get a much better deal.

Next, does the fashion brand make a fashion statement through its product design? Burberry prides itself on having some of the best clothing designers working at its helm. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior have been at the forefront of fashion design for many years. They are not cheap and there is no denying that they look good. They are top designer labels and therefore command a premium price.

Burberry is not a designer brand, though it is owned by the French fashion company. It is renowned for its clothing accessories. Women may prefer the look of Burberry over that of Louis Vuitton, but they do not have the same money to spend. The women who buy fashion items are normally fashion followers or fashion-conscious women who dress according to the latest trends. Louis Vuitton is known for its classic and simple look.

Some people also claim that Burberry is just another designer label. They say that fashion has become so competitive that there are only a few designer brands left standing in today’s world. Some women may not feel that Burberry has an appealing look. Fashion is an ever changing industry and it is not for the faint of heart if you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Louis Vuitton is for the rich and Louis Vuitton is for the fashionable – hence why Louis Vuitton bags are always in great demand.

On the other hand, there are women who cannot afford to spend that much money on designer labels. Burberry creates high quality fashion products at affordable prices. As long as the quality of the product is good, then they can justify spending more money on designer clothes. The Burberry name has already earned itself a reputation of being a luxury fashion label and millions of women love to flaunt the designer labels with their Burberry handbags.

In a way, the Burberry brand is like a fashion assistant. They assist the women of the world in making smart fashion choices and choosing the best designer handbag from the vast choice that is available today. The Burberry designer handbags come loaded with style and class and can make women feel like celebrities when they wear them.

However, it is not only the Burberry designer handbags that are famous. The designer label also has a wide range of accessories to compliment their bags. Burberry creates elegant jewelry, watches, perfumes and cosmetics that can be worn along with any of their designer bags. These accessories can also be bought online. You can buy the perfume you like for less than the original price of $50. In addition, the perfume can be purchased for several discount prices and if you happen to find yourself in L.A., you can also visit any of the many Burberry stores there to find the perfect perfume to complement your Burberry designer handbag.

Some women prefer to buy several pairs of designer handbags, one for work, one for going out and the other for the evening. It all depends on what type of image the woman wants to portray. Is she trying to project an elegant business woman or a party girl? Which ever type of image you choose for yourself, there is a designer handbag for you.