Is H & M Better Than Zara?

It is easy to look at H&M and compare it with Zara. However, the clothing line has its own unique selling points that set it apart from the competitors. In this article we will go over some of the things that H&M does better than Zara and why consumers should prefer H&M. We look at their sustainability strategy, their fashion forward approach, their excellent clothing range, and their fashion marketing strategies.

It is hard to find any fast fashion companies that are environmentally friendly. H&M, on the other hand, is one of the few major companies that have made an effort to go green. They have signed an initiative with the UN Sustainable Development Commission to improve their efforts in the field of sustainable fashion. In 2021, they also signed an agreement with the Fashion Institute of America to develop a new dress pattern and launch an annual fashion show focused on green fashion. They continue to progress with their endeavors and are continuously making efforts to protect the environment.

When looking at the clothing range of H&M, you would immediately see the influence of their green initiatives. For instance, they offer many organic clothes for both men and women. As a result, you can be sure that you are buying quality clothing that is good for the earth. If you are looking for affordable clothing, then you might not see the difference with the prices of their organic garments. However, if you want to wear clothes that are not only fashionable but also good for the earth, then it is definitely worth checking out the price tags and going for the brand.

The next aspect that sets H&M apart from most of the competitors is the great quality of their pieces made from sustainable raw materials. This is very important for a fashion brand, as most of their collection is targeted at the young women. Therefore, they have made the effort to purchase only the best quality clothing from eco-friendly sources and you can be sure that you are saving the environment from further damage.

In addition to great quality and eco-friendly products, H&M is one of the few fast fashion brands that use ethical sourced raw materials. In fact, they source their own mangos. This is a very important aspect as most big fashion brands prefer to buy from Ethical sourced countries. In addition to this, H&M also makes use of materials that are 100{9dfb6c1d9b7100ddb68f827c7323d5fd43e3d27000b810b9f144573dcb46e452} biodegradable like coconut oil and rice bran oil and they believe in helping the environment.

H&M has a huge marketing budget to promote their brand so it is no wonder that they are able to maintain strong market positions. One of the reasons that make H&M better than Zara is because of their affordability. You can easily buy almost any outfit from this fashion retailer and if you need something special you can surely find it from their ready to wear section. Another reason is that they offer some of the best brands and they remain the largest clothing brand in India. In fact, according to a recent research conducted by The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) H&M was the second largest clothing retailer in the country behind Zara.

A major reason why Zara is considered as a fashion house in the Indian fashion industry is because of their low pricing structure. The affordable prices are a great help for many customers especially in this time of recession, where every penny counts. However, the question is whether H&M is a better choice than Zara when we talk about sustainability. If we look at both these brands in context then yes, clearly H&M rules the roost when it comes to sustainability and this is the reason why it is considered to be better than Zara. The way they have tackled the issue of sustainability in the past is commendable and they have committed themselves to building a green and sustainable future.

There are very few fashion brands that can match up to the likes of H&M and this is why they remain on top for women’s clothing. In fact, H & M still remain the favourite clothing brand of many young Indians. They offer trendy and classy clothes made from very good quality fabrics. This is why the next time you are looking for a good and affordable designer clothes then you must definitely opt for H & M. So, is H & M better than Zara when it comes to being a global fashion house?