What are the Easiest Color to Understand and What is the Smartest Color?

According to what is the smartest color, I guess that blue is the dumbest color and green the smartest. Apparently, I have learned this one already. But what is the most popular color? Is blue really the dumbest color or is it just a good color when you are new to fashion trends and have no style yet? Or maybe it’s just the new fashion trend to make men fall for women. Anyway, let us find out what colors are in fashion.

Yellow – Is a very good color when it comes to fashion. It s one of those colors, which you can’t live without. It s suave and its youthful. Yellow is a color of energy, so it’s very good when it comes to being trendy and having energy. I guess you could also interpret it as bright, sunny and positive.

Purple – Is the color of sophistication. In fact, it is the color that represents sophistication. But then, maybe people have confused it with intelligence because it reminds one of them when they are highly intelligent. But what are the smartest color and what is the dumbest color? Apparently, blue is the smartest color and pink is the dumbest.

Green – Is a color which represents nature. So if you are into nature, then you will surely love green. It is a natural color, so it’s soothing to the eyes. But what is the smartest color when it comes to fashion? Well, you guessed it – pink. It is a popular choice among fashion-conscious women.

Pink – Is considered as a sweet color. Although it s a bit weird to think that a color can be sweet and not masculine, but what is the difference between a color and its energy? Pink is considered as the color of love, so you might as well wear it anytime you feel like being sweet.

Grey – Is the color of logic. Grey is considered as the color of logic because of its crisp and intense look. Grey is the color that makes you feel relaxed and it makes you think that you are in a deep trance. What are the smartest color and what is the happiest color? Grey.

Blue – Is the color of serenity. This color is very popular among couples. However, not all couples can match this color. Some prefer to go with yellow or red while some couples even go with orange or green.

Yellow – Is the happy color. As the color which represents joy and happiness, yellow is considered to be the happiest color. Some other colors which are considered to be happier than yellow are light green and light blue.

The second question “what color attracts the human eye most” is “greener”. Green symbolizes health and life. This color is very important, since people who are healthy to enjoy better physical and mental health. What kind of a person would want to be surrounded by green?

Blue – Is supposedly the color of wisdom. It also symbolizes peace and trust. So those who are calm and trustworthy apparently have blue eyes. What kind of person wants to be surrounded by this cool color?

Orange – Is another color that is a combination of green and blue. Again, this combination is related to peace and trust. So those who are blessed with this cool color often act and think as if they are on top of the world. Do you know anyone who likes this color? If you do, you must be brave enough to take the next step and ask him or her what is the color that makes them feel this way.

Yellow – Is another color yet again a combination of blue and green. People who are most in touch with nature and who are able to relate to the nature of the earth, must have yellows. This is why many kindergarteners love green and blue. And yet another thing that is evident is that the least appetizing color is blue!