What Color Is Good Luck For Money?

Money can be a problem when you are wearing the wrong color for your wishes and goals. But not to worry, as there is an answer. Good Luck For Money is a guide that helps you choose your colors so you can be well-off both spiritually and fiscally. It teaches you how to bring your finances under control and how to attract money and prosperity. The author of this book knows what it takes to succeed in business, and she shares her experiences with readers in her own words.

What color is good luck for money? According to the teachings of Feng Shui, colors that are bright and lively attract abundance and success. The colors green and blue are considered yin colors, which are nurturing and gentle. Orange is regarded as a yang color, representing energy that is dynamic and exciting.

Green and blue have a soothing effect on the human mind. They are the colors of harmony and peace. This is why people who wear green or blue clothing and jewelry are said to be calm and harmonious. In fact, according to popular belief, green represents new beginnings, which are positive energy. Blue is a symbol of faith and wisdom, which is also optimistic about one’s prospects and outlook for the future.

If you are looking for a way to attract more wealth and good luck, these two colors are great options. However, you cannot put all your hopes in these two colors. Your fate is still to be decided by God, but you can use your colors attract money and abundance, health, wisdom, peace and positive energy.

What color is good luck for money if I am trying to attract wealth and abundance? Well, the color blue, as we just discussed, is a very positive color, as it represents new beginnings. So, adding a few lucky bamboo beads or other natural items to your daily wardrobe can bring you positive luck in attracting more abundance.

The color of your clothes, jewelry and what you hang on your wall can also attract more abundance into your life. What color is good luck for money if I am trying to attract more abundance into my life? Well, the color red is very powerful and it does attract energy in its own right. If you are already a red lover then adding some red items to your wardrobe can be a real gift to yourself.

Red attracts the color of vitality and joy. So, adding some red necklaces, bracelets and earrings to your outfit can send out a powerful message to those around you. Another good color for what color is good luck for money is purple. People who favor purple tend to be very determined and passionate about what they believe in. So, if you want to attract wealth and prosperity with a color wallet, consider adding some purple items to your collection.

When people see that you have added lots of positive items to your wardrobe, they are going to take notice. Your wallet says a lot about who you are and what you value. Lucky colors for what color is good luck for money include green, yellow, orange and red. Try any of these colors in your next paycheck and you will be surprised by the difference it can make in the amount of money you attract into your bank account.

Green is a color that promotes peace and wisdom. It is a color that can cause people to be calm and peaceful. When you add items to your wardrobe that promote this color, you will find that your luck will be increased as well. Adding a belt with a green design can give you a boost when it comes to what color is good luck for money. People who prefer a more natural look to their wardrobes are going to love green as it brings out an earthy look and feel to what you wear.

Yellow is the color symbolizing wealth and abundance. When you wear items with this color it can attract money in many ways. If you are wearing a yellow wallet, you can be sure that you will be bringing lots of money home. People who value money will enjoy bright yellow as it is a money attractor. However, people who value peace and wisdom will like orange or red because these colors are also good wealth magnets.

Blue is the color of harmony. If you place blue as your top choice for what color is good luck for money, you can be sure that you will have some extra money on hand. However, blue does not have to be just a positive energy magnet. If you want to attract money in this color, make sure that you use the color in a fashion that is not too loud or flashy. Instead, choose a design that is subtle but noticeable enough to draw attention to the statement that you are making.