What Colors Do Not Go Together – See How The Color Combos Can Make You Stand Out

Wearing the right pair of shoes is essential for fashion and this applies to all fashion trends. The shoes must complement your outfit and should not be the source of attraction. But with so many shoes to choose from, how can one make the best choice?

It is natural to ask, “what colors do not go together,” but if you pay attention to the fashion trends carefully, you will see that some colors tend to complement each other. Dark colors tend to look great together especially when worn with dark suits. They will never look bad when matched with light-colored clothes. This is because most women are not aware of the fact that light colors do not go together easily. The rule is, however, to complement each other using different accessories.

You do not have to wear a light-colored suit in order to wear a pair of dark-colored socks. For example, you may have a pair of pink socks, but a pair of black socks. Both these pairs can be paired up with a light-colored top. However, you must make sure that the socks match your outfit because if they are too bright, they will distract from your outfit. Socks do not need to be the exact color of the shirt or pants you wear. A simple change in footwear can be enough to give you a whole new look.

Your shoes should also be carefully considered. Avoid pairing your shoes with a color that will create an opposite effect. Dark colors will tend to give you a slim and lean look to light-colored shoes can give you a very casual or fun look. As much as possible, stick to light-colored shoes for everyday fashion wear. When attending evening fashion events, you have more options because the variety of colors that are available will certainly be greater.

Your accessories are also very important. It is vital to choose accessories that complement both your outfit and your shoes. Your gloves should match your belt, jewelry and your shoes. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your hair can be complemented with your purse, earrings and bracelet. The same goes with your shoes, your dress and your accessories.

What colors do not go together also depends on the season. Summertime outfits tend to be more bright, light and airy whereas winter outfits are usually darker. You do not want to team a light-colored sweater with a dark-colored skirt because the brightness of the sweater will distract from the color of the skirt.

Your clothing should be comfortable. You do not want to dress for an event in which you feel any discomfort because this could hamper the success of your fashion show. Make sure that the colors of your outfit are similar to the colors of your skin. For instance, if you have a warm color tone for the summer, your clothing should also be white or tan.

Your footwear should also match with what colors do not go together. For instance, a bright-colored dress would not match well with a pair of black shoes. The same goes for a pair of gray-colored shoes with a brightly-colored top. Your footwear should be able to complement your outfit, not clash with it.

Your accessories should also be in harmony with what colors do not go together. Your jewelry should not be extravagant because you are wearing an outfit that is loud and colorful. In some cases, your jewelry can even make your outfit stand out. However, if your jewelry is too loud and garish, it will ruin the beauty of your outfit.

Your clothing should also be a good match for your accessories. For instance, if your shoes are very stylish, your outfit should also be in stylish designs. If both of your outfits are too dull and ordinary, they will simply contrast each other. As much as possible, you want to create a balance so that all parts of your outfit gel together well and create one entire picture or image.

What colors do not go together can be a real test to see just how much of an impact your outfit will have on people. If you have an interesting color combination, but people are not comfortable seeing them together, you will know that something is off. Try a few different colors to see which combinations draw more attention and become more prominent in your crowd. This will allow you to know what colors will look best on your own particular day and which ones are not appropriate.