What Do You Call a Woman Who Dresses Like a Man?

The question “what do you call a woman who dresses like a man” has been bugging my mind since I was in college. It was in the early 70’s and all I can remember about that era was the sense of sexiness that people exude by dressing in sexy, frumpy clothes. For that era, we all felt like we had to dress a certain way to attract the men. So, what did you call a woman who dresses like a man? How was she dressed?

The answer is simple-she was a fashion goddess. She oozed sex appeal, and it seemed that everyone wanted her to look that way. It was hard not to notice her at parties, especially when she came decked out in the latest “it” outfit. She was dressed for success, even if it meant she looked like every guy on the street. She had a way of making men look twice at her because of her ability to make fashion work for her.

As a woman myself, I can relate to this type of woman. I too dress in sexy clothing to attract men, but there’s a lot more to it than that. I can remember back to when I was in college and all I could wear were tank tops, low-rise pants, and tennis shoes. That’s just how average girls looked back then, so does it mean they all had the same personality?

Maybe so, but it sure does seem that way from what I’ve observed. I don’t see any reason why a woman can wear dresses that make other women envious of her. A woman who can wear a skirt and a sweater in the same breath is able to look both classy and sexy all at the same time.

What do you call a woman who dresses like a man? On one hand, we know all women want to be perceived as being feminine. It’s in their genetic make-up, and that’s really what they are. That doesn’t mean women can’t be aggressive or strong. They just have to learn how to put those traits in check. It takes a little bit of understanding to dress the right way, otherwise a woman can come across as over aggressive.

On the other hand, what do you call a woman who dresses like a man? There is an offensive undertone to much of what many consider to be manly fashion, but it’s not intentional. Many men wear their jackets on the outside, but that’s just a fashion statement. It’s meant to accentuate the shape of the body in a particular way. You might think it’s strange to refer to women like that, but the point is that woman should feel comfortable being feminine while still remaining in touch with her feminine side. One of the most common mistakes made by women is trying to act like a man.

When you hear what do you call a woman who dresses like a man, you usually hear a lot about aggression. The guy in question may be talking trash talk, and the woman may be quoting passages from some book on how to dominate a woman. While these things are definitely funny, there is no need to assume that the woman’s intention is anything but respectful. If she wants to feel powerful and feel like she rules the roost, then she can refer to herself that way. Don’t make assumptions, because you’ll just be ruining the joke.

A good example of what do you call a woman who dresses like a man would be the little black dress. This type of dress is flattering to everyone and it is one of the easiest to wear and one of the easiest to accessorize. It has a very unique look, and there isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t like it. So, when you’re thinking what do you call a woman who dresses like a man, remember that this is an issue that affects women all around the world. Take it lightly, but don’t let it become an issue in your life.