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For many women around the world, one of the most in-fashion trends to emerge recently is that of what is commonly known as the grunge fashion look. This look is characterized by oversized denim trousers, chunky leather jackets, tight black boots, large belts, large Converse shoes, wide t-shirts, vintage tees, and crazy hairstyles that just didn’t go with the more conventional and stylish styles of the time. There are many different opinions on what makes a grunge fashion look a winner, but the truth is that when it’s done correctly, the whole outfit really does look like a worn-out classic.

A lot of people have different opinions about what makes a fashion look grunge. Some people think it is simply when an over the top fashion statement is made. Others believe it is simply when an over the top interior design theme is used. Yet others believe that the term defines an entire era of fashion styles, both inside and outside the workplace. In fact, some fashion designers think that what is a grunge aesthetic completely depends on what the eyes of the beholder are and what they are attracted to.

What is a grunge aesthetic? It can be put simply into four words: oversized, bold, loud, and dark. An oversized and bold jacket, for instance, can very well be termed a fashion statement, especially if the jacket is red or has other bold color schemes. On the same level, a loud teeshirt could very well be called a fashion statement as well, depending on your own tastes. However, this doesn’t mean that all clothing with a large print should be labeled as a grunge style.

The phrase was actually taken from the music of the eighties, when groups like the Velvet Underground and the King of Pop made fashion statements with their clothing. Since then, the phrase has become associated with a specific type of fashion, one that involves wearing clothes that are large and bold and often incorporate complex color schemes. In terms of fashion aesthetics, grunge styles emphasize the overabundance of colors in a piece of clothing and use large, vivid prints. They tend to be characterized by oversized clothing that has minimal details. Clothes that fall under this aesthetic are often sported by members of a subculture that tends to have a unique look and style.

What is a fashion aesthetic influenced by a subculture? An indie fashion aesthetic can be linked to a specific group or subculture, much like how certain fashion statements are made relate to a particular era. For instance, in the mid-2000s, hip hop, rap, and pop would become a common aesthetic statement for many teenagers and adults alike. However, it was only with the rise of the punk subculture that clothing with a loud attitude and cutting edge designs became popular among youths. grunge style clothing was first seen in the early eighties, but its influence has extended into the present.

So, what is a grunge aesthetic? One way to answer this question is to put it simply: a style that displays excess wearability, with an uncountable number of details, on an already cheap surface. The aesthetic qualities of a garment are heavily emphasized in this case, making it stand out even more. Many people consider this style to be very “trendy” as well, as opposed to classic, which can still be worn by people who are not concerned with current fashion trends. What is a fashion aesthetic dressed up in this way?

To put it simply, in the last few decades, fashion trends have become more influenced by social factors than by fashion itself. A trend becomes fashionable when people start to identify with it and feel a strong connection to it. People like bands that have interesting and unique visual elements, a group of people who share a similar aesthetic sense, an excess of people who are willing to do and wear whatever the fashion designer wants them to, or an aesthetic that is uniquely their own. These types of fashions can be related to punk, which is a fashion style that came from the late seventies through the eighties. And then there are other fashions such as hip hop and jazz.

One of the best examples of an earlier type of aesthetic is wearing old, used clothes. People used to buy old Converse shoes, old Converse sneakers and other clothing items so they can wear them again. They wore these things because they identified with the music, the vibe, or the image they portrayed. The same thing happens today with fashion trends: certain types of clothing become more popular than others because people identify with or relate to the culture the clothes represent.