What is a Popular Trend?

“What is a trend?” a few people have asked me this question while I was walking the campus one day. The answer to that question is both simple and complex. Let me start by saying that what is a trend is really a question that only the person asking the question can answer because trends are constantly changing in time.

A: “What is a trend?” has been asked millions of times before me. The simple answer to that question is just about anything that most people like doing or wearing. Now, I don’t know about you but my answer to that question would be: what is a trend that most people like doing or wearing? I don’t know anyone who wears baggy jeans twenty years from now and hardly anyone goes to college these days (unless you plan on going to a Christian school).

A popular trend is basically just a dress that you or another person you know likes. The thing about fashion is that it changes so often that you need to do a lot of watching to keep up with the current fashion. My favorite inexpensive clothing store is K-mart. You can usually find whatever you need there at a very good price.

My next answer to the question “what is a trend?” is: what is a fad. Fashion trends come and go in cycles, it is not like they are all done and your outfit needs to be the same for several years. The popular trends are what you like to see around you.

One of the ways I watch what is a popular trend online is by using Google Trends. To use Google Trends you have to do a search for a particular topic and then add the word “trending” to it. Like this, I searched for phrases like “what is a popular fashion trend online”, “the latest styles and trends on the web” and “wearable fashion trends”. You will see that many of these search terms were in fact present within the search results.

In addition to searching for what is a popular trend online, you can also look to see if a certain style is making it big in social media. For instance, some celebrity hairstyles have become so popular on social media that they have inspired imitations and even songs. One popular trend is to shave our heads completely bald in order to express solidarity with the movement against hair colorization. Before the trend came about, people did not shave their heads in order to look cool. So, what is a popular trend in social media that someone else started and is taking over the world?

Another trend that has been taking off in the world of social networking is microlinks hairstyles. Microlinks are small hair cuts that take advantage of what is called micro-mineralization. Basically, this means that when you are looking at someone’s hair, you’ll notice that there are little black dots all over their head. Microlinks hairstyles first originated on MySpace and have now spread all over the Internet.

One great thing about microlinks hairstyles is that they are extremely easy to care for. What is a real treat is that many celebrities are sporting these. Britney Spears had a microlink haircut and it was supposed to be an homage to her then recent break up with the music star. However, many people saw it as a complete and utter disaster and branded it as something that simply looked bad. No matter what anyone says, microlinks hairstyles are here to stay. That is because they are a great way to cut your hair and make it look trendy.