What Is Best Dressed – Follow Your Instincts Or Allow Fashion To Direct The Dress Code

Fashion is the discussion of what is best dressed or designed to be used to describe a person. The discussion has various definitions depending on which way of thinking you come from. In the US the common definition is “A well-dressed person”. This applies to a city dweller in the metropolitan area as well as those living in rural areas.

For a long time, fashion was the preserve of the wealthier classes. Fashion was associated with wealth and the well being of a particular group. Fashion is now international, with most teenagers following celebrity fashion trends. Although there are some constraints on the fashion industry, it is still growing.

For what is best dressed, each individual can look at his wardrobe and choose dresses that suit his body type, personality and interests. Style is very important. However, men should choose fashion that is conservative. A conservative dress may have a slightly longer neck but does not need to be long.

For work attire, there are some strict rules as to what is considered conservative. Cocktail dresses and tuxedo suits are considering very formal attire. The conservative dress code for men is tuxedos and button-down shirts. Cocktail suits do not need belts to be worn. Men can wear their hair slicked back or style it in such a way that it fits the neck.

Women can choose to wear long skirts, short skirts or dresses that wrap around the waist. Short dresses or a prom dress is ideal for some women. High heeled shoes are not appropriate for women. They should opt for flats or sandals to wear.

An important question that concerns what is best dressed is what is more appropriate for a wedding. A formal dress is what is expected at a wedding. Brides tend to wear white dresses. For funerals, black is usually the color of choice.

Some people think it inappropriate to wear their full name on a business card or even a name tag. It is thought to be better to use initials or a nickname instead. What is most appropriate for women is using their names with initials, and not their full names. To cover a woman’s name with her initials is also acceptable.

In general, what is best dressed is a conservative dress. Fashion is not appropriate for high profile occasions. It is always appropriate to wear a suit for a business meeting or for attending church services. Some people even think that what is best dressed depends on the season.

A friend recently told me she would not wear a frilly skirt to church because it was not theologically correct. I have seen women in beautiful satin slacks walking in stained glass windows wearing high heeled sandals. Wearing what is best dressy (also called what is traditional) does not mean being dowdy. In fact, many women are very fashion forward.

The next question is what is best dressed for what is appropriate occasions. One criterion is what is appropriate for what is currently popular. There is currently very popular knee length skirts for ladies. It would be very unusual to see a lady in a knee length dress at a business meeting. What is appropriate has changed a lot.

Many businesses have what is best dressed category on their web pages. It may be a good idea to check the dresses at various stores and see what is popular, look great on you, but be conservative. Remember, you do not have to follow the dress code.

If you are a mother of six, your mother did not raise you to wear immodest clothing. Do not follow what is best dressed guidelines for mothers. If you want to wear an outfit that is fun for a sporting event, do so. However, if what is best dressed is immodesty and you will be sitting for hours, you might be better off just wearing sweat pants.

You do not have to be following what is best dressed guidelines if you just want to be trendy. However, many fashion designers are working on what is best dressed categories. It is possible that someday there will be a standard dress code. Until that day, follow your instincts. If what is usually worn is too immodest, it might be time to try something else.