What Is Evening Casual Attire?

When you are thinking of what is casual evening attire, chances are you are thinking of the dress that you might wear to a casual dinner party. Evening casual has many things like cocktail dresses and sports jackets. To imagine evening casual, consider what a person would usually wear for a good, clean, casual dinner. It’s very informal and clean and usually considered dressy enough with a somewhat casual yet professional feel.

Evening fashion and dress code attire is much different than it used to be. T-shirts with simple slogans or art work are a thing of the past. Evening fashion has evolved from a cocktail dress into a full out suit and tie and then into a t-shirt that says, “I’m with it”. Nowadays people don’t wear suits and we don’t always need to have a tie on.

When you consider what is beach casual dress code attire you probably think of a pair of jeans or a t-shirt and sandals. However, it isn’t just the shoes that can be relaxed, but the necktie also. You can wear a casual dress shirt that is in the color of your outfit. You will find that the tie goes with the suit and the shoes and then with the dress shirt. You can get the look of wearing a dress while remaining casual.

Another type of what is smart casual is slacks and a dress shirt with a smart collar and some trousers. You want to look smart, yet casual. These might be some jeans worn with dress shirts with a belt around the waist. If you choose this, wear black dress socks with the slacks. These types of outfits are considered acceptable.

The third type of what is evening casual dress code attire is the traditional three-piece suit or a white tie. This is formal attire. You might wear a jacket, a tie, a shirt and a vest. There is really nothing else to wear with these items except for a white glove.

The fourth item you want to consider for what is evening casual attire is a pair of black jeans. I like to see men wearing dark jeans. They look casual and yet professional. A dark pair of jeans also work well with dress wear shirts. Choose a dark colored jean that is in black wash.

One other item of what is smart casual attire that works well is a sports jersey. With this you can wear a polo shirt with sports pants or a khaki colored jean. It really depends on what you are wearing and where you are going for your night out as to which type of attire will work best.

The fifth item of what is smart casual wear is a leather belt. This can be in a number of different styles including cuffs, studs or just plain leather belt. Leather belts make great accessories to any outfit and you should wear them with a dress shirt and a nice leather belt.

The sixth item of what is business casual dress code is dress slacks. These slacks are also generally less formal than what is more formal. If you are wearing a darker shade of dress slacks than you would usually wear for a formal event, then you can consider wearing your white shirt along with a dark colored blouse or vest. You can also wear a blazer in the lighter shade of the color of dress slacks that you would normally wear for a more formal event.

The seventh item of what is smart casual means that you need to look smart casual in other ways. Wear sneakers that are not black, but that is thinner. Also wear sneakers that are not too big. You want to make sure that they do not extend past your ankle. You should also avoid wearing flip flops.

You will also find that what is smart casual also means that you do not wear sneakers when you are doing things like playing golf, which might be considered extremely casual. However, you can wear sneakers with golf shoes if you are doing something as strenuous as this. If you are playing tennis, then you can wear your normal tennis shoes and socks. You should try to avoid anything too tight or baggy.

Finally, the ninth item on the list of what is smart casual attire is a pair of jeans. You should avoid wearing denim colored jeans because these will be considered too trendy for what is considered smart casual. Instead, you should wear boyish jeans, which are a bit more appropriate for what is considered smart casual.