What Is Fashion In One Word?

Fashion is an artistic act of presenting or dressing an object, footwear, clothing or other items. It contains activities like dressing up, exhibiting, making a fashion announcement, complimenting oneself with it, and many more. Fashion in this sense refers to cultural objects, practices and activities, which are characteristic to a particular society or civilization. Different societies have different fashion ideas and different ways of presenting them. In the present time fashion is a world wide phenomenon. A few examples are given below.

In twentieth century fashion has been characterized by the rise of mass production and the mechanized process of production. This has resulted in the need for cheaper materials for the production of clothes and other items. Thus we can find dresses of less expensive material, using different methods of weaving, in the markets of developed countries than in the earlier days when the process was still manual. In such a situation we find people going for such innovations as wearing trousers made of spandex instead of leather; jeans made of special fabrics, etc.

The division between men’s and women’s clothing is also a modern invention. Men’s wear consisted of tuxedos and evening gowns and women’s wear mostly consisted of skirts and evening gowns. Another division is made between “glamorous” clothing and “gentle” clothing. Thus high fashion fashions refer to clothes that are embellished with jewelries, gold and silver ornamentation, etc.

Ralph Lauren, the fashion house of America offers the clothing that has the essence of fashion. Its clothes are designed according to the latest fashion statements and its manufacturing does not involve any kind of slave labour. The best examples of its clothes are its clothes for women. Women are attracted by the way in which they are designed and made. Women are known for their confidence and this is what the fashion house aims at – making them look sophisticated, which gives them the dignity that the society expects from them.

The fashion industry in America is larger than the entire textile industry of the world. It is an integrated unit and major part of the economy. It supports the economic development of the country by making its products cheap and accessible. The export of garments and textiles products makes a substantial contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The fashion industry of America has introduced a new style, hip hop clothing. It has taken over the world by storm. Hip hop clothing consists mainly of jeans, sneakers, jackets, tees, caps, belts and many more. Most of the people who look at fashion wear the clothes that were popularized by the hip-hop stars such as Pharrell, Jay Z, Beyonce and several others. When a fashion trend is established by a popularized brand, almost all people want to wear the same clothes. Every time a popularized brand launches a new range of clothes, Ralph Lauren launches new silk dresses, Apple Bottoms launches new designs of jeans and many more.

Another important aspect of fashion is the dress like shoes and the accessories used with the dress. For instance, you can dress up your dress like a skirt by wearing leggings under it, or a dress like a dress by wearing a vest or top with low heels. You can add accessories like jewellery or shoes to dress up the whole outfit. In fact, if you really like to dress up your clothes, you can even take off your shirt or your pants and just put on a pair of shorts. This type of fashion makes it possible for a woman to dress down or wear a casual outfit to a party or a wedding. Many designers have now released clothing lines dedicated to this concept.

What is fashion in one city cannot be compared to what is fashion in another city because different fashion movements tend to focus on a certain trend or type of clothes. A lot of designers are now concentrating on cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles as their fashion capital. If you want to learn about the latest in fashion from these fashion capitals, you can either follow the fashion blogs or news channels on television or listen to fashion radio stations that are present in these cities.