What Is Short For Beautiful?

For what is short for beautiful hair, I will not mention the word fashion, though it could be just as interesting, as beauty without a hint of fashion. I am talking about beauty and the satisfaction that comes with having the proper body language, expressions, and behavior to express oneself in beautiful and appropriate ways. Without the proper attire one cannot access the beauty within. It is what is beautiful that you should focus on, as long as it does not distract from other aspects of your life.

What is beautiful then? The answer varies from person to person. Some view beauty as a mental or spiritual state, others as physical attributes, and yet others base their views of beauty on aspects of appearance, such as skin color, hair color, height and so on. Each of us has our own unique set of qualities that contribute to our overall attractiveness.

The mental qualities of beauty are personal. One’s appearance affects how one feels. Beauty then is a subjective quality that can only be expressed by talking, writing, and doing so. It is a matter of how you see yourself, how you wish to see yourself, and how you wish to be seen. Beauty then cannot be measured in terms of outward appearances.

But physical appearances are not everything, nor are they what is pretty for some. A pretty face may give pleasure, but there are more complex underlying physical factors that give pleasure. And being pretty may not be everything. There is a distinction between being pretty and being gorgeous. Being pretty can lead to being gorgeous, and being gorgeous can lead to being pretty.

Physical attributes are important to us, but these qualities must not dominate our lives. We need to take time to enjoy the sights and sounds around us, especially those that please us. Beauty surrounds us at every turn and we can use the visual sense to discover what is beautiful. When we look in the mirror we can discover those features that make us feel pleased. When we walk through town, we can notice all the lovely buildings that catch our attention.

The adjectives we use to describe someone are not limited to what is pretty for others. We have been trained to think of certain adjectives as defining qualities, but these are only opinions. They may be what is beautiful for your friends, but they might not be what is stunning for you. When you look in the mirror, you should consider what is outside of what you see – what is pleasing to your senses.

The word “beautiful” is a combination of the Greek word “bema” which means lovely and the Latin word “caracterium” which means a collection of things beautiful. Thus, beautiful is a combination of the two words, but only in the minds of the poets and people who write about poetry. A good example is the quote by Maya Angelou, who said, “Give a man a fish and he will be content, give him an orange and he will be happy; give him a Peking Duck and he will be in the paradise of his imagination.” These three fruits have all been used to describe different characteristics, but the common thread is that these are all descriptive words – they describe something beautiful!

Now back to the original question: what is short for beautiful? If you use the word “beautiful” to describe something you like, but that doesn’t say anything about what is attractive to you, then it just isn’t a word. You can look for other ways to describe what is beautiful to you. For example, “Real beauty is the true beauty.” What is real beauty?