What is Smart Casual Dress? Tips For Dressing Down

“What is smart casual?” is a question many young people are asking these days. With the trend towards casual dressing and “working” attire, it can be hard to find a place for the “smart” label in casual fashion. Oxford Dictionary defines Smart Casual as “moderately casual, usually casual but with a degree of smartness; akin to college casual.”

Oxford defines smart casual dress code as being “fairly traditional, normally not too worn-in, functional but well-ventilated.” As such, it is very dressy but not “over-the-top.” It can include pieces like a necktie, although not always; and may often include sporty or fun clothing items, including skater or beach wear for kids. The key to smart casual dresses, then, is to choose pieces that make you look put together, but also that you can play around in. You don’t want to wear something completely out of the fashion and still look great.

A great example of what is smart casual fashion is chinos. Chinos tend to be very relaxed and they go great with a lot of different tops, including button-ups, tube tops, and even just plain a button-down shirt. Chinos are classic and they always look great on top of a shirt, but they also work great with shorts, leggings, or pants. If you are trying to find a pair of chinos that are not too formal, try shopping at a bazaar or an Italian fashion boutique.

Another important aspect of what is smart casual dress code is being flexible. When you are dressed according to the “look,” you don’t have to be committed to what is considered to be the “correct” outfit. You can dress differently if you feel like it, or you can choose a completely different outfit if it works better for your body shape. By being flexible with your outfit choices, you show people that you are a person who is willing to experiment and who is not stuck in one way.

One great example of what is smart casual wear is a comfortable and well-fitting pair of jeans. These jeans should be one that fit snugly around the hips, but they should not be tight around the waist. A well-fitting pair of jeans will help give you the slimming appearance that many people are looking for, which will make you look more elegant as well as more professional.

The next factor to consider when dressing according to what is casual dress codes is picking the right accessories. For instance, you should only wear items that are appropriate for your outfit. You want to look polished and nice, but you do not want to dress for the sake of dressiness. You also do not want to get everything mixed up, so that your attire is not flattering or it could even make you look funny or unprofessional. Choose neckties as well as tie clips, but stay away from belts.

Another good idea when it comes to dressing smart casual is to keep your accessories to a minimum, if you can. Even though belts are a big no-no in what is smart casual, it is also important to keep your shoes and belt handy. If you think that wearing a belt completes your outfit, then by all means wear it, but leave the rest of your ensemble at home. There is nothing worse than being caught out without any of the accessories that you were planning on wearing.

As far as what is smart casual is concerned, there are plenty of tips that you should keep in mind. You should always dress down, especially if it means that you are wearing a dress or blouse that is not up to par for the occasion. As well, you should keep your accessories to a minimum and stick to something more simple, clean, and in basic colours. Stick to wearing white or a solid colour as your main colour, unless of course you are going to be wearing black. A great tip to remember is to dress in layers, so that you do not appear too dressed up, but you can let the other person know that you are casual yet sophisticated at the same time.