What Is Sport Casual Dress Code?

So what is sport casual dress code all about? Smart casual is a fairly ambiguous term, often described as a hybrid casual dress code combining elements of traditional formal dress code but with clever (in the word “smart”) parts of a proper lounge attire. Essentially, it’s the idea that smart clothes imply smart people. In essence, this means that if you don’t smarten up with a smart suit and tie, you’re not really displaying smart casual fashion – you’re just a casual dresser.

This may sound a little funny, given that this was written in the context of discussing casual trousers. However, the same principle applies to what is sport casual dress code about: if you’re not wearing the right outfit, you’re not displaying smart casual fashion. There are a number of rules that define what makes something smart casual. The first one is the colour factor. White or very light clothes should be avoided wherever possible, as they are seen as representing the status quo.

A good example would be a blouse, t-shirt, or skirt with a white or cream shirt. However, it’s important to note that a jacket is another acceptable option, as long as it’s in a contrasting colour. A black jacket, for example, can be used with a white or cream shirt. It would then be considered smart casual, but not smart trendy. One other thing to consider is the type of shoes you wear. You’re only considered smart casual if your footwear complements what you’re wearing, and a sports jersey is one example of this.

Another rule is what is casual about being able to stand up to the sweat. Sweating is the key to athletic action, and standing still just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’re encouraged to get moving, and wearing a T-shirt or short sleeved shirt will help you do that. However, the idea isn’t always that you have to drop everything and head to the nearest public gym. Simple moves like taking a water break and keeping your shirt on will work just as well.

Just as trainers need to be considered smart casual, so do sports shoes. Sport shoes can be worn with a formal shirt and tie, but they also need to be some type of sneakers. This way, you can get more mileage out of your formal look and look smart casual without being boring.

As with trainers and sports shoes, casual t-shirts need to be appropriate for what you’re doing. Too much formality just makes you look awkward, and you don’t want people looking at you think you’re a little too perfect. What is sport casual is having the same type of formality in other parts of your wardrobe, not being too over-the-top with it. This goes back to the idea that you don’t have to drop everything and go to the gym to look good. Your workout doesn’t have to mean the end of your formal attire, and wearing blazers is okay.

Of course, there are a few things that are still considered what is sport casual dress code, and those are typically business casual style clothing and attire. A suit is still appropriate to wear to work, and t-shirts with short sleeves are fine. Really, there’s no need to change into something completely different, and any dress codes you see are geared toward professional or business attire.

So, for those looking for what is sport casual, remember that it means having a good sense of style. It means wearing a similar type of clothing to what is smart casual attire. It means wearing your pants or khakis with the right shirt in the right situation. It just means that the style and the way that you choose to dress can be different than what is considered traditional casual. It just means choosing to wear clothes in a relaxed fashion, and one that’s appropriate for where you’re going and who you’re with.