What is the Best Trend Indicator? Fashion Trends in 2011

What is the best trend indicator? This is a question asked by many people these days. The answer to this question is dependent upon who you ask it to, as no two people think alike. For example, some would say that a good trend is one where items are sold at steep discounts.

Another example would be the discount club, whereby the client does not necessarily have to buy a membership to enjoy discounts on his purchases. He just visits the store and purchases something for the same price as someone who would need to join a discount club to enjoy the same benefits. The best trend indicator then, would be a combination of both. Trend is best established when new trends are created rather than simply being created because a particular item sells well. If that item sells poorly then you need to look at some other options.

So, what is the best trend indicator? The answer depends upon the individual. Trend may well change from time to time and therefore a particular indicator cannot be considered timeless, however there are certain indicators that can act as trend continues over time without much deviation.

Let’s take for instance, a particular item of clothing. Let’s say that jeans, in particular, are selling really well. However, in the last few months, when the fashion trends are changing, the sales of jeans have gone down. But, this does not mean that jeans are not trendy. It means that the fashion trends have changed and therefore jeans are no longer the best option for the casual garment buyer.

What is the best alternative then? It would be a casual garment like a t-shirt. This will allow the individual to go with the latest fashion trends without really having to follow the fashion trends. A t-shirt can look really casual in comparison to jeans. That does not mean that t-shirts are not trendy, it simply means that the fashion trends have moved away from denim.

Hence, the question of what is the best trend indicator is a bit tricky. However, there are some indicators that are timeless and can act as a guide for those who are interested in charting the future of fashion trends. So long as these are updated regularly, they can act as a very good indicator of what is the best trend indicator. After all, the person has to choose the best indicator for themselves in order to ensure that they are doing what is necessary to keep up with the latest trends.

For example, when we talk of the best trend indicator, the basic idea is that the latest trend is always good. The old styles will be left behind and the younger generations will make room for them in the fashion industry. But, it is important to understand that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to the matter of what is the best trend indicator. There is a need to understand what is the current trend before you can determine what is the best trend indicator for yourself.

The main point here is that the best trend indicator cannot be predicted in any precise manner. This is because trends are based on numerous factors and can change at the blink of an eye. What is the best trend indicator depends a lot on what are the current trend and the current situation. This will help you keep up with the latest changes in the fashion world and you will always know about the hottest looks for the season. So, always be on top of the fashion quotient and make sure that you are wearing the latest trend.