What is the Color of the Year? 21st Century Wearing Trends

As we approach what is the color of the year 2021, the fashion world seems to be in a frenzy. Women seem to be fighting for the very last pair of shoes they can get their hands on. Dresses that were once out of bounds due to their hyper-realism are now within the budget of many a woman as designers take cue from fashion experts on what makes a classic dress look fresh and current. The colors are no longer as stiff as they were several years ago and women’s fashion designers have found new ways to make colors come alive in the fabric of a garment.

No matter what is the color of the year 2021, there are certain universal fashion rules that apply to women everywhere. If you want to stand out this year, learn these timeless fashion tips for how to wear your favorite color with style. You’ll find that having color all over you in a multitude of different hues makes you feel good, ready to take on the world!

Take the time to really think about the colors in your wardrobe. It’s very easy to pick out the most popular colors and stick with them as your wardrobe staples. However, many women end up with too many colors and not enough versatility. A smart way to keep an eye on the clutter in your closet is to create categories and to mix and match items to create different looks.

Think of colors you would wear with your current top or shirt and pants combination. You can use the same colors for tops as you would for bottoms. Think about necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets, and even brooches. By breaking down your wardrobe into core pieces you will become more efficient in finding the right combinations. You’ll also have a better idea of what colors you like as well as what colors look good with specific clothes. This allows you to create new outfits and give yourself a chance to expand your color palette.

The color of your clothing says a lot about you. When you are dressed in bright, bold colors, such as red, turquoise, yellow, and orange, you are going to project energy and excitement. On the other hand, pastels, pastel blues, and soft pastels will show that you are cool and calm. Choose neutral colors for the majority of your wardrobe and choose rich, dark colors for accents. This way, you will be balancing out your personality type and creating a stylish, balanced look.

Knowing what is the color of the year is just the first step in creating an exciting wardrobe. The next step is picking out the different colors that you like. It may be helpful to take some color samples with you to your closet and match them to colors you have in mind. If you don’t want to buy more than one color, you can use sample swatches to choose colors based on them.

Once you have a basic color palette picked out, you will need accessories. Shoes, belts, hats, scarves, and sunglasses are all things that can complete your look. Think about the colors that you want to emphasize in your wardrobe and then search for the items that will accent those colors. You can find accessories for every outfit in each color in an array of colors and styles.

The color of the year is an interesting time. Think about what colors you love and which ones you want to carry through each year. The color of your wardrobe will reflect how you feel, what you want to do, and how you decorate your home. With a bit of creativity, you can turn this fun time of year into an adventure in color!