What Is the Richest Clothing Brand of Our Time?

What is the richest clothing brand? It is the question that has occupied many minds and the search for the answer has become as popular as the latest Hollywood blockbuster. One thing is for certain, there are a plethora of companies that manufacture and market fashion wear to women. However, there are only a few that have the staggering profit margins that will make them the world’s richest clothing brand.

The world’s most expensive dress is a brand value that depends entirely on the economic state of the country in which it was manufactured. For example, Gucci had to open stores in China in the 1990s because its primary market was essentially France. While it managed to open stores in the French fashion capital, its business model demanded that its products are imported from France. The company has managed to grow to become one of the largest fashion houses in the world despite this obstacle. What is the richest dress brand is a question that continues to puzzle the rich and famous. If you are looking for a list of the world’s most expensive dresses, then you will need to look no further than Gucci.

The brand value of Gucci consists of a mixture of different elements. The most important part of its business model is of course Gucci dresses. However, the fashion designer also sells watches, shoes, handbags and jewelry. To arrive at a billion dollar brand value for the venture, Gucci has managed to expand into all of the trendy fashion cities of the world.

Another company that has come up on the list of the world’s top ten luxury brands is Dior. The French company started as a corset factory in a small village near Tours, France in 1920. The name of the company stuck as a symbol of elegance and style, when the company released its first collection in the year nineteen eighty. Now, the name Dior is synonymous with quality clothing, and many women love to wear the elegant and chic Dior Couture clothing collection.

The next two companies on the list of the world’s top ten fashion designers hailing from Paris are Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat. Both companies have expanded greatly over the years and have become household names all over the world. They both have stores all over the world as well as a web site that allows customers to view their collections online. The impressive net worth of these two fashion designers is reflected by their millions of dollars in sales a year. Apple Bottoms however, does not have a store outside of France, and only has a web site, despite being one of the most popular and fashionable companies today.

Last but certainly not least on the list of the world’s top ten luxury brands of clothing is Phat. Phat was founded by a young couple in Paris named Christian Dior and his wife Catherine Dior. The couple spent twenty years creating some of the most luxurious clothing ever created, and now they have given their fashion design label to the world through the creation of the popular, upscale line of fashion jewelry called “The Collection.”

When you combine the two Paris fashion houses, Apple Bottoms and Phat, you have the most expensive and highly regarded fashion companies of our time. The question then becomes, what is the richest clothing brand worth today? While there may be different ways to calculate this, there are many people who believe the answer is worth billions of dollars.

There are several different ways to determine the worth of a fashion designer. One way is through the net worth of the company, and another is through the revenue they bring in. Luxury fashion designers do not typically make a great profit, and therefore do not have much extra money set aside for investments or other needs. However, they do have plenty of money to put into advertising and their own companies, and as long as their designs remain highly popular, they will stay with the top of the list of the most expensive clothing brands of the world.