Can I Wear Thick Leggings to Work?

“Wearing thick leggings to work? Does that make me a frumpy old maid?” This is a question that has plagued my mother since I was a young child. My mother works in the legal profession and one of her jobs is as a paralegal. I am not exactly sure what she does for a day but it seems that her job involves a great deal of paperwork and she has to be attuned to the business side of things at all times. Thus, I was wondering if perhaps my question about can I wear thick leggings to work would have some sort of answer.

First of all, I did note that many women who wear very thick skirts and pants to work actually end up looking slovenly and like they were wearing a two piece suit. This is because they have not considered how to draw the attention away from their problem areas and more importantly how to compliment the pieces that they are wearing. I guess this would fall under the category of fashion design and my mother is a very good example of this.

Now, one of the fashion ideas that I can share with you is something that I actually started out doing when I was twenty-one years old. I began to actually consider the fashion trends and styles for the office and work area instead of spending too much time and money on what was deemed “in.” This actually worked out very well for me because it allowed me to find a certain type of clothing for me to wear that actually complimented my work. Now, I am not going to go into the details of what I actually wore here but if you were ever in college, you know that you had to be a “campus tourist.” Meaning that you went to class at the same places where all the other students were wearing their clothing.

I would literally dress down so that I wouldn’t have to dress up. And in fact, this worked out pretty good for me because I got to socialize with new people and also get into new things. Now, the reason that I brought this up was because there are some fashion magazines out there that actually feature college students who are trying to look like the “campus tourist.” I actually saw an article in a fashion magazine that made it seem like they had tried everything to make themselves look as “campus tourist” and they failed miserably.

Can you guess what that magazine was offering them? The answer might surprise you. You guessed it. Can you imagine how many articles would be written about how these fashion victims lost their sense of fashion when it came to wearing thick leggings? Well, you can imagine that and more because they would be telling everyone that the fashion victims think that they can wear whatever they want.

Guess what? That fashion design article was written by someone who works in fashion design. Someone who has obviously never even stepped foot on a college campus. Someone who clearly doesn’t know what is important when it comes to fashion design. Someone who clearly doesn’t have a clue how important it is to actually dress fashionably.

Now then, let me ask you this question. Do you think that the fashion designers at Ivy League universities are trying to teach their students that they should follow the trends? If so, then why are so many Ivy League universities employing fashion consultants who promote thin, low cut clothing? If you think that it’s okay to follow a fad fashion or a fashion that looks like it came out of Africa 50 years ago, then guess again. These fashion designs are harmful to the future of fashion design. And if you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has ever tried on those fashion faux leather pants and you will find that they made your legs sore from the walking around in them for an extended period of time.

So can I wear thick leggings to work? Yes, as long as you don’t try them on in the mirror. You can wear them with skirts and blouses and you can look great. Just be sure not to wear them to the office. Please follow the author’s bio at the end of this article for his full name and contact information.