Do You Need a Degree to Be a Fashion Stylist?

The term “fashion stylist” can apply to many different professionals in the fashion industry. However, it usually refers to fashion designers and illustrators. There are also those working in fashion advertising, fashion distribution, fashion marketing, and fashion public relations. If you want to pursue any of these highly creative professions, you should certainly consider obtaining a fashion design degree.

Most fashion stylists usually have either a degree in fashion design or a related field such as fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, or fashion managing. While some fashion designers may work in only one of these areas, others gravitate towards several. Even though a bachelor’s degree is not typically required for entry to the fashion world, most potential clients (and employers) prefer more formal education. The fashion industry, after all, is a continuously changing field.

Once you have chosen what kind of specialist you would like to be, there are numerous options for fashion degrees. There are associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees. Students planning on entering a design career may want to focus their studies on one of these specializations. Fashion designers can specialize in cuts, menswear, children’s wear, accessory design, or couture.

Once you have decided on the specific area of fashion where you would like to be involved, you will need to decide what type of educational program is best suited for you. For the most part, fashion design programs require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree. Students pursuing the most lucrative and exciting of fashion careers may choose to get their degree through an on-campus or online program. The fashion industry, after all, is much smaller than other fields. Therefore, on-campus classes are often much more affordable than online courses. Of course, the quality of education received is very important.

If you are currently working and interested in pursuing fashion careers, you may also want to consider taking fashion industry related classes at a community college or vocational-technical high school. You can also work towards your degree by taking classes through the LATA website, which is a website providing education resources geared toward the fashion industry. The LATA also offers jobs to individuals who have completed their schooling and degrees. These jobs can range from fashion assistant to full-time positions in local garment stores or department stores.

Career options for fashion consultants also exist. Fashion consultants generally work with retail department stores as image consultants. An image consultant is responsible for promoting the retailers’ products and helping to design and launch new lines. They often visit stores as part of their job, so they can give fashion advice to the staff.

Many celebrities are also beginning to take fashion styling courses as well. In fact, Jennifer Lopez recently became the newest celebrity fashion stylist and is studying to become a fashion designer. She has studied not only art and design, but also history, and is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry. She hopes that one day she will be able to design her own clothing line.

While many fashion stylists get their start by creating their own individual designs, others have more specific ideas about what they would like to do. There are also fashion industry jobs for image consultants. Image consultants provide information to retailers about what images are likely to sell and how to market those images. Fashion industry jobs for image consultants can include everything from choosing out the models for a campaign to creating sample wear. There are no shortage of fashion industry jobs, which means that anyone with an idea should consider a career in fashion.