Exactly, What is Craziness About Crazily Ripped Jeans?

Are ripped jeans sexy? If we were to survey the opinions of all our fashion critics, it’s a safe bet that majority would suggest “yes” – in fact everyone is agreed! Ripped jeans are extremely versatile and fashionable which even on the streets they’re wearing pre-shirts like a fashionista, showing off their distinct fashion and style. If you’re seeking a practical look and wardrobe addition to your daily outfit, pair your sexy denims with a smart jacket, dress down for an everyday look with a plain of knitwear or dress up with a patterned cardigan and scarf.

So, is wearing ripped jeans appropriate for formal occasions? Absolutely! Wearing a well-cut shirt and a great pair of jeans can make you look and feel great no matter where you go. But just because they are a fashion staple doesn’t mean you have to go all out in wearing ripped jeans!

The key to wearing these denims the right way is to add a touch of class and panache to the look. Many people think of ripped jeans as the “blue jeans” type, but in fact there are several other types of denims in the market today. There are denim types like distressed jeans, pre-distressed jeans, as well as organic, fibre denim. These are also different to “blue” in colour. Some guys like ripped denims and others don’t; it’s a personal choice.

Now, for formal occasions like dinner parties, office functions, and Sunday service, a great look to rock with is a well-cut, dark wash t-shirt with a pair of distressed jeans. The best part about wearing this combination is that both of them will complement each other perfectly; from the cut to the colour. Here are some more tips to follow:

Choose the style of your jeans carefully. Dark wash denim is always better when wearing with lighter colored tops. Denims that come in blue, grey, or white are okay too, but you need to avoid dark blue, grey, or white jeans if you’re going to a formal function. If you want a great casual look, you can go with a pair of plain white-washed denim jeans. A white shirt will help pull the look together, and a great necktie would complete the whole look.

Avoid wearing the skinny jeans. You can wear these, but you’ll want to pair them with something a bit more substantial. One option is to wear a sport jacket over the jeans. Another option is to wear a vest over the jeans. A v-neck sweater is also a great option for mixing and matching.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. The classic denim look mixes things up by wearing white t-shirts underneath. You can also wear a blazer over top of your jeans or use an envelope or other smaller piece of clothing to hide the belt. You can also throw in a belt with a layered shirt underneath. All of these looks are sophisticated enough to wear with a nice dress, but unique enough to have their own individual feel.

You won’t look cool in anything less than a pair of slacks. Even a pair of skinny jeans will do! The key is to find a pair that’s right for you. If you know what kind of lifestyle you have, chances are you’ll pick something appropriate. If you’re into loud rock music, then you’ll want something loud and funky. If you’re more of a country or western guy, then you’ll probably enjoy a more classic, simple style of jeans that will work for you.

Once you’ve found a pair of jeans that you like, don’t be afraid to flaunt them. If you’re wearing a tight fitting pair, then you’ll want to show it off. You can always wear a belt over your jeans if you’d like but remember that this isn’t essential. Remember that when you’re wearing something as revealing as jeans, it’s important that you look good and not hide yourself behind something that doesn’t flatter your body.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a small clutch purse or a small chain necklace with your jeans. However, you should never wear something too overt or assigned. Remember that the goal is to look cool, not stylish; and to make sure that you stay away from trends and fashion trends so that you stay looking classic and timeless.

So, if you want to keep up with the latest in fashion and keep yourself looking fashionable, then it’s time that you started thinking about wearing ripped jeans. The only thing that you need to remember is that you need to look great while you’re wearing them. Don’t go for something too drastic; remember that you want to look good and not because someone else said it looked good.